How to Use this Site

*Update 7/1/2014: Due to recent spam bot activity, user account creation has been disabled.*

Greetings programs. See what I did there? Yeah if you didn't get that than I am defiantly a lot more nerdy than you are. Fear not, for once you reach the bottom of this page you will be well on your way to catching up.

Here is the short and sweet of it:
Step 1.) Create an account.
Step 2.) Join a Group or ...
Step 2a.) ... contact the website administrators if you wish Community Manager privileges to be able to create your own Campaigns and Private Groups.
Step 3.) Once approved, post your own Discussions to the Groups and following the shenanigans and other goings on by your fellow gamers.

Now if you want a more in-depth version of how to best utilize this site, please read on.

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Gaming Tavern is your one-stop gaming community hub. Connect with like minded players on a totally new scale with the combination of public forums, blogs, and user created groups. How often you use this site and in what degree completely depend on your own schedule and gaming group. Here are some examples of how you can utilize this site.


What community site would be complete with out an easy to use public forum. Anyone with an account can post topics in the forum and share ideas with other like minded gamers. If you the Forum does not contain a game category that you wish to discuss please contact the website administrators about adding it to the list of supported games.


First lets talk about the Group features and what they can do for your gaming experience. Each Group can be configured differently, but generally they are setup as a private hub for a gaming group to collect, collaborate, and converse (alliteration ftw). They contain multiple Discussions that are displayed and stored similarly to the Forums mentioned above. So in a way its like having your own private forum tucked away that only you and members of your Group can access. Those that opt to make their Group public can still carry on their discussions and run their games like normal, they will just be doing so in full view of everyone. Different strokes for different folks. A perk with Group Discussions that set them apart from Forum Topics is that Discussions by default send an email notification to all the Group members once it is posted or has a comment added to it. Users can go edit this setting in their My Account page.

Below are a couple different use cases for how to properly utilize Groups:

Example 1: You enjoy playing pen and paper RPGs but can't seem to find a gaming group in your area to play with. Gaming Tavern hosts multiple Groups each of whom run different campaigns completely integrated into the site. Browse the Group directory and you just might find a Group that is looking for new members to fill it's ranks.

Example 2: You run a MMO guild and are looking for an online location to host guild discussions outside the game world itself. From here you can have the freedom to keep any guild only discussion private while at the same time posting those screen shots of your latest boss kill to the homepage of to show off to the world.

Example 3: You host a monthly open game night at a local venue and want to be able to post meeting times to interact with your many customers and gamers who you may (or may not) get to see each month. Get people buzzing about whats going on and see the popularity of your monthly event grow.

So there you have it. If you are interested in becoming a Community Manager please contact the Gaming Tavern administrators for an Account Upgrade.


Blogs are a way for the elite (read long winded) gamers to have a place to showcase their experiences, ideas, strategies, and gripes to the rest of the community at large. Gaming Tavern bloggers are hand picked by the administrators from this very community.