An inflated sense of my own importance

Periodically, I'll be making posts that have to do with our campaign, my burning desire to see you all dead at the hands of my NPCs, or gaming in general. Hmm...there's not much difference between the three. Regardless, it's an opportunity to pontificate, and that's not something I'm likely to pass up.

The initial story arc was driven primarily by Qhorin (*cough*the only PC I received a backstory from*cough*), but you're about to reach a point where you'll have more control over your future than you have had so far. I'd like to make the next few story arcs a little more inclusive, so I'd appreciate some information about your characters, including but not limited to: brief history, where you're from, why you're an adventurer; organizations you've been involved with; any enemies you thought you'd left for dead; etc. Something for me to work with. I'm happy to make it up from whole cloth, but that tends to work a little too much in MY favor, not yours. *evil chuckle*

Watch this space.


That was a fun adventure

Good times.