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Server Move Incomming

Just a little note to everyone (all three of you) who check in here regularly, I am initiating a server move here in the next day or so. I might break things. Badly. Prayer is appreciated.

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As many of you know the content on GamingTavern.com is 95% community submitted. We are striving to build an active and usable community but in order to do this successfully we will need additional testers. If anyone reading this knows of a group of gamers (or an individual trying to get a group together) that you think would benefit please send them along.

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Greetings all, I figured with all the additional traffic to this site in the last several weeks I should go ahead and update the software that runs this site and its forums to the latest release version. Everything is now completed and working smoothly as far as I can tell. If anyone sees an issue come up or runs into an error message please let me know.

Damaran Gambit, entry 2

21 Ches
Ruins of Vraath Keep

Well, that was...interesting. If this horde has many more like those two, Helmsdale's in a lot more trouble than we thought. That minotaur, with appropriate support troops, would have been virtually unstoppable. And that spellcaster... Alright, let me back up a minute. Start with the beginning, fill in the middle, and conclude with the end, as my old sergeant used to say.

So, the beginning. We left Helmsdale early this morning. Well, yesterday morning. Arrived without incident at an old woodsman's house. He agreed to guide us through the Witchwood for 5 gold pieces per day, double that if what we were doing was dangerous. We left immediately for the ruined keep functioning as the hobgoblin's base, and Jorr earned his wage on the journey, warning us of patches of assassin vine, thickets of thornvine, and once the tracks of owlbear. We reached the Vaasan Road without difficulty, and headed south to the old keep.

Damaran Gambit, entry 1

18th of Ches
The Swaying Yeti inn, Helmsdale

I've never been more thankful to see the sun rise than I was the morning we emerged from the Underdark onto the muddy slopes of the Galenas foothills. After the grainy black and white of the last long weeks, the bleak colors of the winter landscape seemed sharp and vibrant. Even the wind's cold bite felt good on my cheek, which had grown used to the dank, breathless air of the Deep Tome's stale halls.

An inflated sense of my own importance

Periodically, I'll be making posts that have to do with our campaign, my burning desire to see you all dead at the hands of my NPCs, or gaming in general. Hmm...there's not much difference between the three. Regardless, it's an opportunity to pontificate, and that's not something I'm likely to pass up.

The initial story arc was driven primarily by Qhorin (*cough*the only PC I received a backstory from*cough*), but you're about to reach a point where you'll have more control over your future than you have had so far. I'd like to make the next few story arcs a little more inclusive, so I'd appreciate some information about your characters, including but not limited to: brief history, where you're from, why you're an adventurer; organizations you've been involved with; any enemies you thought you'd left for dead; etc. Something for me to work with. I'm happy to make it up from whole cloth, but that tends to work a little too much in MY favor, not yours. *evil chuckle*

Watch this space.

New look and feel on its way

Now I know all of you have already gnawed your nails down the cuticle in anticipation so I'll keep this brief. The new design and layout for this site should (*knock on wood) be here before the New Year. I'm working on both this site and another project simultaneously and hope to launch them both around the same time. I have two weeks off from work and what better way to spend it than by continuing to work.

The only potential distractions will be WotLK (must ... reach ... level 80) and installing insulation in my upstairs rooms (who needs proper heating in winter anyway, honestly).

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

> what is a grue?
The grue is a sinister, lurking presence in the dark places of the earth. Its favorite diet is adventurers, but its insatiable appetite is tempered by its fear of light. No grue has ever been seen by the light of day, and few have survived its fearsome jaws to tell the tale.

Hello visitors. This site is being completely revamped from the ground up. Not sure how long its going to take, but we have some neat things planned. Be sure to check back soon, but until then watch where you tread. You have been warned.

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